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digital agency based in Jakarta – Indonesia

We are Award winning Digital Agency based in Jakarta with more than 9 years of experience with some respective FMCG brands, Multinational company for B2B and well known brand in Hotel and Tourism industry. We create your brand availability, grows your awareness and create more engagement in all digital channels.

We are helping our clients – “Creating digital assets to cover your customer journey when they are searching for your business or solutions.” From availability in all channels, content creation to get more engagement, ads placement for wider awareness until analytics and reporting to sharpen your digital strategic for the future development.

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Digital facts about hotel & tourism industry

78% of travelers said informative content from destinations or travel brands can influence their decision-making process, and 46% said ads with informative content can be influential.

Expedia Multi-National Travel Trends Study

52% of Facebook users said friends’ photos inspired their future travel plans. This can be attributed to the fact that friends’ recommendations remain the most credible form of advertising.

Expedia Multi-National Travel Trends Study

Gen Z is likely to start the research and planning process without a destination in mind. They rely on smartphones for travel inspiration and are highly influenced by deals and imagery on social media and advertising.

Expedia Multi-National Travel Trends Study

Across all generations, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) account for the highest number of online bookings. Nearly half of respondents used an OTA to book their trip and Millennials use OTAs significantly more than others for booking travel.

Expedia Multi-National Travel Trends Study
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